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Lisa and her team help customers from all over Sydney, NSW and Australia. Its a Digital World now - no matter where you are - Lisa has got you!! 


Lisa Bridgett

Your Mortgage Broker

I am an incredibly passionate and hard - working broker and genuinely love what I do. Put simply, I am here to make your life easier! From the moment we first meet, I will be here to inform you, guide you and along with you, to make your financial dreams come true. Being able to assist you in making one of the largest financial decisions you make in your lifetime - the purchase of a home is such an honour for me. I take this pretty seriously (but also like for us to have some fun along the way)! I will guide you in the home loan application process and will manage your application right through to settlement and beyond.


Who am I?

I’m not your typical Mortgage Broker.

I am a bit of a nerd. I started my career doing a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (Hons 1A), then did a PhD in Biomechanics. I worked in Sports Institutes, lectured at University and managed large research units in both the university setting, corporate sector and in the hospital system. See my LinkedIn Publications page if you are curious about my research!

Then I had my children….. My gorgeous little monkeys…

It bought me time to reflect and I realised that I missed the lecturing aspect of my previous career whereby I got to help people learn and grow and prosper. I realised that I spent a lot of my time researching the next property to purchase and I was constantly creating budgets for myself and my friends!

Then it hit me - I love numbers, I love property, I love helping people and I love having the ability to spend time with my kids…

Enter the deliberate and exciting career change some 3 years ago to become a Mortgage Broker!

Why Choose Me?

I am passionate, honest, fun and will have your back and hold your hand from the moment we meet.

Having completed a PhD, lecturing and managing research, and completing formal business, project management and mortgage broking qualifications, I am uniquely experienced in doing in-depth research. These skills translate well into finding home loan solutions, which, in the current climate, is a much-desired skill that sets me ahead of the rest.

I have a wealth of experience in managing budgets for large research projects and take pride in assisting clients better understand their budgeting needs so they can borrow with confidence knowing they can comfortably afford their lifestyle.

My Passions

I love working with fellow mumma bears as I get how challenging it can be raising a family as well as “all the rest”. Feel comfortable that if I am coming to you at your home, my house is messier!  I thoroughly enjoy connecting and working with my fellow self-employed sorority – we are the backbone of this country and it is always a fist pump moment when I can help a small business get them some funding. I have a soft spot for first homebuyers knowing only too well how hard it was breaking into the Sydney property market myself. 

How I Roll

I can easily come to you to talk about your goals or can host you in my Sydney CBD office. Alternatively, we can chat finance after hours (perhaps over a glass of wine) after the kids are asleep and you have capacity for “grown-up time”. I’m also free to catch up over coffee on Saturdays. I’ll likely turn up in my gym gear but don’t let the lack of a suit fool you - I’ve still got your back 😊

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