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Tips for presenting your home for sale

It can be challenging to make your home look fresh and inviting in the depths of a rainy winter. When you’re selling and getting ready for the inspection use these tips to get your house looking buyer-ready.

First impressions count

How does your home look as you drive down the street? What about when you open the front door? The buyer’s first impression of your home will stick with them, so it’s important to take a look from their perspective and put your best foot forward. Mowing the lawn, trimming the trees and clearing the front entranceway will all help get the buyer through the front door and interested in viewing the rest of the house.

Please the senses

Potential buyers aren’t only going to judge the property based on how it looks - they’re going to be impacted by all their senses. The old trick of baking bread or cookies before opening your home for inspection works a treat, as does a subtly scented candle. Turn off any background noises like TVs or radios that could distract the buyer.

Let the light in

While it may be hard to get lots of natural light in the depths of winter, it’s essential to make the rooms bright and airy. Open up the curtains to let in sunshine (if there is any!) and turn on the lights. Mirrors can help make a room appear lighter and bigger, and a strategically placed lamp will brighten a dark corner.

Keep it neutral

While photos and family heirlooms are an important part of what makes the house yours, buyers need to envision how they can make the place their own. So this means keeping it neutral. Steer away from bold colours on the wall, instead painting them off-white or light shades of grey or brown.

Show them how to use the space

Present each room with a few key pieces of furniture to show buyers what to use the space for. Getting the balance right is essential - make it look like a home, without all the clutter. Don’t forget potential buyers will be checking cupboards and storage space. You don’t want people to be showered with clutter when they open the linen press! Consider hiring an external storage space to put extra furniture, or donate items you don’t need to your local charity.

Do your own inspection

Go through your house with a fine-toothed comb, just like you were looking to buy it yourself. Check for lights that don’t work, broken fittings, leaky taps or dents in the wall and fix them. Give the house a deep clean and remove the years of grime that inevitably build up. The culmination of a lot of little touch-ups will leave your home spick and span.

Published: 29/6/2014


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