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Services that we provide:

First Home Loans

As a first home buyer, it can be challenging to look at all the lender options, compare interest rates, and decide which is the right home loan for you based on your specific needs. The best mortgage brokers, however, offer a service that takes all these factors into account to help you make a home finance and mortgage choice based on your specific home loan needs. We will then guide you through the mortgage application process, making it as stress free as possible to be a first home buyer on the Sunshine Coast (or elsewhere in Australia), and to achieve your property goals.

Car Loans

Although we are a specialist mortgage broker, Sunshine Coast customers also regularly come to us to arrange car loans. Our Australian credit licence means that we have access to products from more than 60 different lenders, including banks and other financial institutions, and your broker will examine in detail their respective comparison rates in order to find the most competitive car loan and deal to save you money. If you are in the market for a car loan, talk to us about pre-approved finance so you can start looking for a new vehicle without delay.

Next Home Loans

Whether it's due to unexpected events, or you've long planned to downsize or purchase a larger property on the Sunshine Coast or elsewhere in Australia, engaging a mortgage broker will help you find the right loan and lender, and make the process as hassle free as possible. From guiding you through features such as loan protection insurance and stamp duty requirements, to obtaining the most competitive interest rate, our professional team of mortgage brokers in Sunshine Coast will provide a variety of financial solutions based on your specific needs.

Personal Loans

A personal loan can be an affordable way of being able to pay for a holiday, new appliances, or cover the cost of unexpected events. Personal loans can effectively save you money, as you pay less interest than a credit card or other types of loan from banks. Although we are a specialist mortgage broker, Sunshine Coast clients regularly use our personal loan service as we have access to a wide range of lenders and are usually able to compare interest rates in order to obtain a better deal than you might get as an individual borrower.

Asset Finance

For anyone running a business on the Sunshine Coast or elsewhere in Australia who is looking to buy or upgrade machinery and equipment, our team of mortgage brokers regularly works with business clients (other than home buyers) to get a better deal to finance the purchase of assets. Our Australian credit licence means that we can work with a range of banks and other lenders, and your broker will make it as hassle free as possible to get the best loan interest rate and deliver financial solutions for your business.

Property Investment Loans

For anyone considering the purchase of an investment property on the Sunshine Coast, Qld or anywhere else in Australia, our experienced mortgage brokers will work with you to find a home loan that reflects your needs, your financial position and your property goals. Our team can make the process simple, and as we have access to the products of a wide range of banks, lenders and finance institutions, we can find the best mortgage choice and other financial solutions given the property, the purchase price and the potential for capital growth of your new property.

Refinancing Loan

Refinancing an existing home loan can help to save you significant sums of money by reducing the size of your mortgage payments and the lifespan of your loan. Our mortgage brokers in Sunshine Coast provide a service that gives customers access to loan products from a wide variety of lenders and financial institutions, and work with you to find a mortgage choice that offers a better deal and rates of interest. In this way, you can be sure you are with the most appropriate lender, and have the right home loan and financial solutions in place given your specific needs.

Commercial Loans

In addition to our extensive experience in meeting customers' home loan needs, our experienced team of mortgage brokers also provides Sunshine Coast financial solutions for business owners seeking additional finance in order to buy new plant or machinery, expand operations or reach new clients across Australia and beyond. Your finance broker can arrange commercial loans for the purchase of a range of business equipment, with an interest rate that makes it it possible to grow your enterprise in a sustainable, cost effective manner, giving you more time to focus more on what you do best.

Business Loans

Our experienced team of finance and mortgage brokers regularly work with Sunshine Coast business owners to arrange loans and financial solutions that are designed to support consolidation, growth and expansion. We undertake the comparison rate research process on your behalf, taking into account loan protection and other costs associated with obtaining finance, so that we are able to identify the loan and lender that will be best suited to your needs, both now and into the future. Essentially, the role of the best mortgage broker is to find a loan deal that helps your business be sustainable.

Construction loans

A construction loan is a particular type of mortgage designed to help you pay the costs of building a new property, and which can be accessed whether you are an owner-occupier or building an investment property on the Sunshine Coast. Our team of mortgage broking management specialists will guide you through the different stages of the loan process, including how much deposit you will be required to pay, as well as the interest on the loan. Your broker will also work with you to convert your construction loan to a conventional mortgage when building is complete.

SMSF Loans

Using a a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to purchase property could be the ideal vehicle to provide money for your retirement. However, there are strict rules around a SMSF taking out a loan to buy assets, so you will likely need to guidance from a mortgage broker with specific expertise in this area. Getting expert advice on how a SMSF loan works from brokers in Sunshine Coast with experience in these types of home loans will save you money now and in the future, and mean you are better placed to achieve your long term property goals.


Your Specialist Sunshine Coast Mortgage Brokers

Wayne and his team have more than 18 years' experience in helping first home buyers, experienced investors, business owners and others on the Sunshine Coast to arrange home loans, personal loans and other finance that delivers the financial solutions needed for clients to achieve their property goals.

We provide a comprehensive mortgage broker service, whether you have previous experience as a home buyer, are buying your first home, or are looking to invest on the Sunshine Coast or elsewhere:

  • New home loans

  • Refinancing an existing home loan

  • Loans for first home buyers

  • Home loans for self employed borrowers

  • Construction loans

  • SMSF loans

  • Investment loans

  • Equipment finance and loans

  • Commercial loans

  • Car loans, as well as caravan and boat loans

The benefits of working with a mortgage broker for your home loan

When you work with an experienced mortgage broker, you are able to get access to a larger and more diverse range of home loan and other financial products than you would otherwise do as an individual home buyer.

In addition, as Wayne and his team are located on the Sunshine Coast (servicing clients from Noosa through to Beerwah) we know the property market in south east Queensland intimately, while our long experience as mortgage brokers means that we have built excellent relationships with both large and small lenders in order to meet the many different home loan needs of our clients.

Wayne's reputation for providing one of the best mortgage broker services in Sunshine Coast is acknowledged by both his clients and the wider broker and finance industry alike, as demonstrated by his having been awarded Loan Market Elite Performer for 2014, 2015 and 2017, as well as Premier Performer in 2018 and 2019.

What we'll do for you.

From understanding your goals to settlement and beyond, here is how we’ll work together.

  • Understand your goals

    We’ll take the time to understand your unique situation and goals.

  • Provide you with some options

    We’ll do thorough research, provide you with a few loan options and help guide you through your decision.

  • Get it sorted for you

    Once you’ve selected your preferred loan we’ll do the legwork to get it lodged, approved and settled. 

  • Help you save

    We’ll stay in touch to make sure that you still have the right loan as your situation changes (and try to save you money along the way!).

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