9 Reasons to live in Canberra

While often overshadowed by bigger cities, Melbourne and Sydney, Canberra is the best location for those seeking an ideal place to live. 


But what makes Canberra so special? Picture a city with less traffic, a lot of outdoor activities, and a significantly low cost of living. That’s exactly what Canberra is. Canberra, Australia's capital city, boasts a unique blend of beauty, culture, and adventure that sets it apart from the rest. 


In this article, we'll explore why Canberra is the best place to settle down. There is something for everyone to enjoy about life in Canberra, from its peaceful landscapes to its lively cultural scene.

Reasons to Live in Canberra

Even though it's still pretty new, Canberra is considered the biggest city in the middle of the country. It is home to many government offices, embassies, and offices of foreign organisations. Canberra also has a lot of green space, which is why it's called "Bush Capital." If you’re looking for a change of scenery, maybe it is time to move to Canberra.


This is just a small list of the many great things about living in Canberra. Let's talk more about this below:


Low Cost of Living

Canberra offers a lower cost of living compared to major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, allowing residents to save money for other important expenses. In fact, Expatistan’s cost of living comparison in March 2024 found that compared to Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra is 28% and 24% less expensive, respectively. 


Canberra offers a diverse range of affordable rental and residential prices, so although finding where to settle down in a major city like this is challenging, you can still look for property rentals that cost around $250-$650.

High-Quality Learning Opportunities

Home to top universities, private schools, and public institutions, Canberra provides excellent educational prospects for students. Some well-known institutions found here are the Australian National University and the University of Canberra.


The city has adapted to cater for the young population, so if you’re a family with kids or a student moving in, you’ll likely find a place near educational institutions. 

Impressive Transportation 

Canberra boasts efficient public transportation systems, including buses and light rail, making commuting easy within the city. The public bus system serves both the CBD and outskirts, while the light rail system provides a straightforward and affordable option for intra-city travel. 


For those with cars, there are plenty of parking areas available throughout Canberra. Additionally, walking is popular among locals, with many opting for bicycles, making it easy to explore the city on foot.

Safest Place to Live

If you're trying to figure out one of the most important reasons for living in Canberra, you might find it in the city's reputation. People here are friendly and welcoming. Plus, its significantly low crime rates are apparent why it boasts as one of Australia’s safest cosmopolitan cities. 

Excellent Healthcare Facilities

The city offers world-class healthcare facilities, including public and private hospitals like Calvary Bruce Private Hospital and Canberra Hospital.

Accessible Outdoor and Natural Spaces

Residents have easy access to the picturesque Brindabella mountains, as well as nearby attractions like Sydney, the Snowy Mountains, and the NSW south coast.


Canberra is an excellent place to reside if you enjoy hiking or camping. It's a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with easy access to the bush from anywhere in the city. Moreover, even if outdoor adventures aren't your preference, the city offers public spaces for picnics and BBQs, along with numerous nature reserves, dog parks, and other recreational areas. 


Unlike some cities characterised by towering buildings, Canberra strikes a balance with its abundance of natural landscapes.

An Inclusive Community

At over 26%, Canberra's people come from other countries, making the city's population very diverse. Also, it is the first place in Australia to pass laws for equal marriage rights and to honour its First Nations culture and community with a public holiday called "Reconciliation Day." 


Canberra is also the first mainland Australian state or territory to use 100% renewable energy, demonstrating its environmental responsibility.


Centre for Art and Culture

The city boasts a growing arts scene, with events like the Canberra Writer's and Enlighten Festival adding vibrancy to its cultural landscape. It is also home to renowned museums and galleries like the National Gallery of Australia and the National Museum of Australia.

Four Distinct Seasons

Canberra experiences four distinct seasons, which may not be a compelling reason for some people considering a move. Still, for those who have experienced unpredictable weather all throughout the year in some parts of Australia, it is undoubtedly appealing. 

Striking a Balance Between Work and Personal Life

Many government jobs in Canberra offer a good work-life balance. The city’s manageable commutes and opportunities for leisure activities are also significant factors contributing to this balance.


Between 2019 and 2022, there was a noticeable improvement in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)'s work-life balance. The number of Canberrans feeling they had 'about the right' amount of work rose from 51.5% in 2019 to 62.0% in 2022.


This improvement shows that Canberra is working to help people find a good work-life balance and improve their health and happiness.


Overall, there are several reasons why Canberra is an ideal place to live in, and the ones we have listed above a just a few of them. 


The low cost of living, the quality of education, top medical care, and outdoor activities the city offers, plus its commitment to inclusivity, environmental responsibility, and cultural vibrancy, can be appealing enough to help you decide whether to move here or not. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities or urban amenities, Canberra has something for everyone. 


But, the decision will still be based on you and your family’s needs after all. Consider factors such as job opportunities, proximity to family and friends, and overall lifestyle preferences.


Finding an ideal place to live in another city, or country, seems like a challenging undertaking. Hopefully, this guide has helped you make a sound decision for your potential move. Consider making Canberra your home and enjoy its unique advantages for a fulfilling life. 


Published: 6/4/2024