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Finance can be complex, but for my clients I make the process as simple as possible.

As a digital broker I have access to the latest technology to do everything online from meetings to certifying your ID and e-signing your documents!

A mortgage is a big commitment so you want to make sure you’re in safe hands. As a financial strategist, accountant + mortgage broker you can rest easy knowing that I’m an expert in the field.

There is so much more to a loan than the cheapest rate or the biggest cashback offer. Did you know that having the right loan structure can save thousands off the life of your loan?

As your broker it’s my job to ensure I know your current and future financial goals so that I can formulate the right strategy and solution for your loan.

So if you’re looking for finance let’s arrange a time to meet online or in person.



"Highly recommend Julie for any mortgages as she has access to many lenders in the  market. Julie was able to get us a great rate given the current economic conditions. She  is very professional and knowedgable and always thinks of her clients first." Adrian Ng

"I highly recommend Julie as a mortgage broker. We are first time buyers  and having Julie as our broker really helped us. We count on her for not  only home loan processing but she also advised us on other matters  which really helped us to make a knowledgeable decision when buying a  home. Thanks a lot Julie for the being the best in your profession. " Akanksha S

"Julie was an excellent help and was able to provide an excellent service with great  mortgage and general financial advice. Julie was able to free up equity that we had in our  property where we weren't able to before. This also came with a cheaper rate and in an  even more challenging period of time. Would easily recommend her services to anyone  seeking an initial mortgage or refinance. I wish we had spoken to her prior to our initial  mortgage as it would have set us in the correct direction. Thanks for your help! " Ben Campbell

"Julie has been helping us for some time now and has been very patient with us. She  managed to find an amazing interest rate for our home loan and continually updated us  on how things were progressing. I highly recommend Julie for your mortgage needs,  she’s thorough and so lovely. Thankyou again Julie. " Deb Kasmar

"Buying a home is stressful, but Julie manages to take much of the stress  out of the process by taking you through each step calmly and in detail.  She doesn't just procure your loan and make sure you get what you  need, she teaches you the ins and outs of buying your first home. For  this I would thoroughly recommend working with Julie to secure your  mortgage" Elliot B

"I just would like to thank Julie so much for our loan approval.  She was so knowledgeable and guided us smoothly through a process  that can take time and can be stressful sometimes making it all easy. She  planned and used the best strategy that would fit our family.  Can thank and recommend highly enough!!" Fabricio C

"Julie is so easy to talk to about finances. I highly recommend her as a  mortgage broker. Julie has made the process enjoyable as she just loves  what she does and explains things in a language that I understand!. Its a  pleasure to work with her and learn about all things to do with finances.  Thanks Julie" Fiona H

"It was my first time I took a mortgage by myself in Australia and Julie  helped me all the way in my journey to become a happy owner. It gave  me a true peace of mind knowing I could count on her for the very  important and silliest questions. She did a great job finding me the  perfect product that allowed me to buy in the suburb I wanted. I highly  recommend her for her professionalism and positivism." Gabriela B

"As we were new to Australia, it was certainly a relief to have someone  like Julie Wang guide us through the entire home purchasing process making  it as easy and stress free as possible.  
Her heart warming and friendly approach together with her professional  experience in the industry made us feel re-assured at all times.  
She always went beyond the call of duty and made herself available at any  time we needed her advice on matters – no task was too big or too small.  She stood by us through the entire process, making sure our needs were met  and that we were happy with the final outcome. She definitely made the  difference for us and always exceeded our expectations in terms of  customer service and knowledge" Gan B. 

"Julie, thank you very much for your guidance and patience during this  process. You were always there helping me and sharing your knowledge  and advice. I highly recommend your services. " Gustavo G

"Julie was outstanding from start to finish. As new graduates relatively  fresh in our jobs, complicated by 3 dependents, we presented her with  an enormous challenge and placed a huge burden on her to help us with  financing. Her knowledge of the various lenders and their products and  policies was second to none - where other brokers shrug and say 'sorry,  come back in 6 months', Julie fought for us to get exceptions to the black  and white policies of lenders and it is no exaggeration to say she really  helped us achieve our dreams.  
Every step of the way she was patient and was able to find us a lender  that would meet our needs. Nobody else could do this, nobody else took  the time, and nobody else stood with us for such a long journey to finally  meet the goal. Cannot recommend highly enough!!!" Isla-Charlie Hall

"This is my normal look when people want to talk numbers...I know it’s an  area I need to work on and I’m beyond grateful my hubby (not pictured)  is so onto spreadsheets and the small print details of our finances.  I am even more grateful to this incredible woman who LOVES numbers,  has a passion for helping people work out their goals and dreams and  helps to make a plan (gulp, huge goal!!!) and does so in an incredibly  loving and caring way!!!  
We’ve seen mortgage brokers and financial advisers before but nothing  was like the experience we had today! Julie Wang Pfefferle - you are an  absolute legend.  
If you’re ready to have a second (or third or fourth) opinion by someone  who truly cares she is your girl!!! " Janet B

"Not sure what we would have done without Julie Wang! She helped us  get the unrefinancable refinanced! She has worked a miracle and we are  now stress free and thousands of dollars better off. Hubby and I highly  recommend talking to Julie- what Julie doesn't know is not worth  knowing! " Julie H

"10/10 ⭐ I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you Julie, you will be a  constant in our life. We will check in with you every 6 months on our  family finances, your advice & calm, trusting nature makes you a delight  to deal with. Most grateful. " Kate S

"Julie’s passion and knowledge really makes for a painless experience  when going through the motion of buying a property. Julie really goes  above and beyond to secure the best pathway for your circumstances  and really prides on educating throughout the process. I can’t thank Julie  enough for her ongoing assistance to me and my extended family when  it comes to the stressful (in this case stressless) process of purchasing a  property!" Kimberly N

"I could not recommend Julie Wang any higher. Julie was extremely  caring and really help me by thinking outside the box where others  couldn't. I have had other Mortgage brokers in the past but Julie is a cut  above the rest. If you need to get a home or business loan then you  need to see Julie Wang!" Latham D

"Julie is passionate about helping families get the best possible deal for home finance, or  indeed helping then get into the housing market.  
Julie has a knack for reading market behaviour and financial forecasting, which puts her  in a prime position to give sound advice based on your situation. She will also negotiate  tirelessly with lenders and takes much of the pain out of planning for the borrower.  
Julie will be honest in her appraisal of your ability to borrow, so you won't get in over your  head. She genuinely cares and wants to help families to optimise their financial security. " Megan Campbel

"Julie has been a wonderful help through our initial process of refinancing  our home loan and then recently purchasing a new home. Julie is easy to  talk to and goes above and beyond to help you on the usually quite  stressful journey. I can't recommend Julie enough and will continue to  use her for many years to come. Thank you Julie! " Mel O

"Julie was recommended to me by my accountant and I am truly grateful for the referral. 

From our very first conversation I found Julie’s approach to be professional, knowledgeable and  her expertise was evident throughout. Most importantly, at no point did Julie sugar coat the  reality of the current lending environment and what was required to secure a loan for our  renovation project.  

I appreciated this “tough love” approach as it meant we were never misled or under any  misapprehension about what was required. Like a calm, wise and steady friend, Julie guided us  through each and every step of the process. Not only that, but Julie’s responsiveness, attention  and care belied the relatively small loan amount we were applying for. This made us feel secure  and in very good hands throughout.  
I have no hesitation in recommending Julie’s services. If you want a broker who is outcome oriented, direct, knowledgeable, tough, and not just a “yes-person” who tells you what they think  you want to hear, Julie is the broker for you! " M Loncar

"I have utilised the services of Julie Wang for financing on my Investment Properties for the last 3  years.  

As a Property Investor with a number of properties in my portfolio, I found it very challenging to  discuss debt structure and mortgages with the Banks. I had tried other brokers in the past, but they  also seemed to find the debt structure too complicated. Out of sheer desperation I dropped Choice  Home Loans an email to ask them if they could assist. Within 24hrs I got a call from Julie. She was  very responsive to my unique requirements. She rose to the challenge formidably and was quick to  furnish me with ideas on debt structure and refinancing options. 

Her understanding of my needs and the Property Investment market is second to none and is clearly  demonstrated by the work she has done thus far in these tough economic climates.  
Julie Wang is a professional that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone requiring assistance  with Mortgage, Refinancing or Debt Restructure. Her attitude, work ethic and customer service is  commendable and an example worth following." Nancy P

"Julie's client service was excellent. She took the time to really understand our needs and to  develop a strategy that best worked for us, and then went out of her way to achieve the best  outcome. I would absolutely recommend her." N.Codevelle

"She is very easy to talk to and is happy to explain all your options on  home loans and investment options. It is helpful that she is also an  accountant." Niki W

"Julie Wang was recommended to us by our friend who has been dealing with Julie for  several years now. We wanted to apply for a home loan to buy our first home in Australia,  tried dealing directly with the lender, however, found that rather complicated.  
Starting from our first phone conversation and all the way through the settlement Julie was  very understanding, knowledgeable and helpful. Not only she helped us to apply for a loan,  but she was also "pushing" things through with the lender - even vendor's agent was  impressed how quickly the bank performed all the necessary inspections (and this agent has  seen a lot!).  
I would definitely recommend Julie to anyone thinking about a loan - that is so much easier,  faster and more effective than dealing with the bank.  
Thanks, Julie!!" Olga Z

"Being self employed it was hard for me to get a loan but thanks to Julie  putting in the hard yards I’ve been able to afford and buy my first  property on the northern beaches.  
Can’t thank you enough." Olli H

"Julie was really helpful and very understanding.She calmly Address all  our query and her advice was really helpful as we are first home buyers.  Really appreciate her efforts and would like to take her services in  future." Prakash G

"Julie was available and invested in the process, always ready with  answers, and a pleasure to work with. An easy recommendation." Sam B

"Running a business means that I have a million tasks as soon as the doors open, this is where  Julie has been exceptional and invaluable in looking after my investment side of things. Always a  consummate professional and ever efficient, she gets me information ‘Now’ which is what I  expect. Her advice and constant communication is also appreciated and she is definitely number  one on my list of ‘Go to’ persons." S. Yip

"I 100% recommend Julie. She is professional, knowledgeable and always  goes above and beyond to deliver the best service and value for the  client. We have purchased two properties through Julie this year and we  honestly couldn’t have done it without her.  
We are so, so thankful for her services.  
Thank you, Julie! " Teagan B


What we'll do for you.

From understanding your goals to settlement and beyond, here is how we’ll work together.

  • Understand your goals

    We’ll take the time to understand your unique situation and goals.

  • Provide you with some options

    We’ll do thorough research, provide you with a few loan options and help guide you through your decision.

  • Get it sorted for you

    Once you’ve selected your preferred loan we’ll do the legwork to get it lodged, approved and settled. 

  • Help you save

    We’ll stay in touch to make sure that you still have the right loan as your situation changes (and try to save you money along the way!).

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