Mehdy Starlight Foundation

About Starlight

When a child receives a diagnosis of a severe illness, life can quickly revolve around hospitals and treatments, causing fear and overwhelm. This is where Starlight comes in.

Starlight aims to bring joy and happiness to seriously ill children and their families during their most challenging moments through the power of play, creativity, and social connection.

Starlight's Mission

Starlight understand the significance of happiness for children grappling with the pain, fear, and stress of severe illness. That's why, for more than three decades, Starlight have collaborated with healthcare professionals to infuse the spirit of fun, joy, and laughter that enables sick kids to embrace their childhood.

Starlight's commitment extends to children of all ages, irrespective of disability, injury, or illness, recognizing that the experiences of childhood leave a lasting impact throughout a lifetime. They advocate for happiness because we believe it is integral to the well-being of sick children.Get Involved

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