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Tax Advisory Services

We offer boutique tax advisory services specialising in assisting individuals with their tax returns, with a particular focus on property investments. Our expertise ensures that clients receive personalised, helpful, and strategic tax solutions tailored to optimise their tax outcomes and compliance.  

Individual tax returns

Individual Tax Returns

Whether you are an employee or sole trader we will happily prepare and lodge your Tax Returns. We look for ways to minimise your tax liability and maximise your deductions and will need certain information to help you with your tax return.
Most of our consultations are done over the phone and via email for client convenience.  We offer an online checklist for additional efficiency.

Investment properties

Investment Properties

We specialise in investment properties and provide a comprehensive checklist.

We offer our clients a review of their finances & loans to ensure that you are paying the lowest rates possible and that you have the right structures in place to help legally minimise any taxation liability. 

Company Tax returns

Company Tax Returns

From BAS, GST, PAYG to registrations, we help you set up and maintain the framework necessary to run a company.



As a partnership, your business will be equally divided between all business partners who will share the businesses income and losses.

 Partnerships can be formed with a verbal agreement or a written agreement, however it is advisable to get a written agreement in instances of disputes and legal issues.

Partners are liable for the businesses debts and liabilities, and are also legally responsible for the actions and debts of the other partners. A partnership does not pay tax on its income, however it is spread equally across all partners from which tax will be paid on their share of the business. Under a partnership, you’ll need to submit a tax return both for your business, and an individual return as a partner of the business.

Trust Tax Returns

Trust Tax Returns

Setting up the right kind of trust is a beneficial tool to protect business and family assets, managing income and planning for your financial future. Properly configured, a trust will allow distribution of income, taxes to be minimised and managed and a solid structure to maximise long-term wealth protection. Set up and managing a trust can be difficult and complex. Administrative work must be done correctly and updated each year. Legal requirements are stringent.



We are a Xero Certified Advisor and can assist with Xero software related bookkeeping including single touch payroll. Bank imports, Reconciliation, BAS lodgements.