Next Home Loans.

Looking to buy your next home or renovate your dream one?  Make the move to your next home with a mortgage broker by your side.


The next home loan process.

From bridging loans to general moving tips; here’s a breakdown of how we will help you buy your next home.

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  • Say hello

    It all starts with taking one minute to answer a few simple questions right here. Once you’re done, we’ll meet to discuss your goals, financial position and what approach you can take while moving homes, in person or online.

  • Your goals

    Once we know what you need, we’ll research over 60 banks and lenders to find you a competitive rate. We’ll even provide a written recommendation on the loans that fit your needs, just for you.

  • The nitty gritty

    Paperwork is our job. Once you’ve chosen the lender, we’ll work with them to package, sign and lodge documents to get you ready for pre-approval.

  • Formal approval

    Moving is painful enough, so once you’re approved, we'll make the transition from your current loan to new loan as pain free as possible. A valuation will then take place on your new home, insurance details provided and a settlement day will be scheduled. 

  • Settlement

    In this final stage, we’ll coordinate the lead-up to settlement where the funds from your new home are used to pay off your current loan. We’ll liaise with your existing and new bank and if you’re borrowing any extra cash, it will be ready to go. A solicitor or conveyancer is still involved here to change the lender name on your paperwork.

  • Moving without the hassle

    Thought of moving already stressing you out? Fear not. When the big day (or days!) come we can organise for a trusted team of experts to be at your side to take care of it for you. We also have partners who can help get your connections set up too, so you can sit back and take in the new view.

Moving loans while moving homes.

Download the Ultimate Movers Guide to understand whether you should buy or sell first, access our 10 top tips for moving and much more!


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