It’s the little known way to save money, trim your mortgage and ultimately, get a better deal. Going it alone can be daunting, but with a mortgage broker leading the rebellion, refinancing can be easier than ever.



If your circumstances or needs have changed, refinancing is often the right solution for you.

Refinancing your current loans can be a great way to improve your overall financial situation. The 2 main purposes of refinancing your loans are to reduce your costs or to grow your asset position.

The current market is ever changing, the value of your property may be very different now to what it was 12 months ago. You may have much more equity in your property than you could have imagined. This situation lends itself to taping into available funds you may not have realised you have.

Refinancing an existing loan can open up many opportunities to enhance your wealth creation. By obtaining these extra funds, you could look to buy another property, improve your current home or simply reduce your monthly commitments.

Interest rates are at an all time low which means the cost of borrowing funds is far cheaper now than it was in the past. On a practical level, you may not need to sacrifice a significant amount of your day to day cash to support a new loan.

If your objective is to reduce your overall expenses, refinancing may suit you. Consolidating several loans such as personal loans, car loans or credit card debts can result in a lower total repayment as one new loan is often the cheaper option.

There are so many lenders available to us all with different products. It is essential to use a finance broker who has a good understanding of what is available today.


Why refinance?

Save more, spend less. It’s that simple. If you want to cut to the chase, get in touch today. Otherwise, read more about the benefits of refinancing here.

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  • Get down with low rates

    With interest rates breaking all the records, there’s never been a better time to switch lenders. By refinancing, you will lock in a loan with a lower rate, which will save you a heap of cash in the long run.

  • More bells, better whistles

    The features that come with standard home loans have come a long way. Switching to a loan that allows you to make fortnightly payments over monthly, or loans that don’t penalise you for making extra payments. Some even come with offset accounts, helping you save even more. 

  • Debt consolidation

    Refinancing will help you roll your credit card debts and other personal loans into one manageable sum, at a lower rate. Since this debt is secured by your home loan, you may pay less interest. That means less debt, and more savings!

How to refinance.

So, how exactly do you ditch your current bank and find a new financial partner? Don’t sweat it. With a mortgage broker working for you, three steps is all it takes.

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  • Check your history

    We’ll kick things off by working with you to understand your goals, current financials, review your mortgage documents and look into any exit fees or other sneaky extra costs. 

  • Compare the market

    We’ll scope over 60 banks and lenders to get you a lower rate. We’ll even consider loan features, fixed or variable rates, and options such as an offset account.

  • It’s business time

    Found the lower rate loan? Free yourself from your current lender and let the process begin. From lodgement to settlement; we’ll roll with you throughout the refinancing process.

How much could I save by switching loans? 

Different loans have different fees, features and repayment options. Use our loan calculator to see how the numbers stack up between two loans.

Refinancing. It's not a dirty word.

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